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Cloud Nine | 110ml

Cloud Nine | 110ml

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Perfect. I mean what is perfect?

Oh this brew cup, yeah it's perfect.

But how you ask? 

Well, it's as if Zeus himself kissed this pot and sent it down to us mortals.  Thats what I heard anyway. 

Technical Nerdy Stuff

Ceramic - Earthenware
Region - Pingdeshan
Method - Mold Made
Style - Crackle Glaze
Height - 3.5in
Diameter - 3.75in
Capacity (full) - 160ml
Capacity (rec) - 110ml
Weight - 8oz
Pour Time - 1.5sec

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Timothy Supik
1st Gaiwan ever

Beautiful brew cup, 1st use the crackle started, im excited to watch it progress. I'm starting to regret my actions a little as I had the cup to match and took it out of my cart. However, I did leave the Gatsby in the cart.

Josh M.
This is the one

Ok, I probably have way too much teaware, but if I could only have one gaiwan this would be it.
It's a perfect blue egg, stolen from the nest of an Araucana. The crackled finish absorbs the stain of dark teas brewed in it, making it look ancient and precious. The only thing that could possibly make this better is if Tao made matching cups!

Travis D'Amico
The crackle effect is stunning!!

Beautiful porcelain- I am d educating this to red teas and high oxidation oolongs, the crackle affect is getting stronger after just a few uses. Quickly becoming my go to for daily brewing. I got this as part of my first order from TaoTeaware. It was packaged very securely with the rest of my order using biodegradable packaging media. TaoTeaware puts a lot of thought and care into their product, I will definitely be coming back!