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Elephant in the Room | 55ml

Elephant in the Room | 55ml

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  • Mold Made
  • Crack Glaze

Welp, the elephants out of the cage.

Our craze isn't from tea stains, we were made like this.

No need to wait for the crazed look, our makers took care of that.


Technical Nerdy Stuff

Ceramic - Earthenware
Region - Ge Kiln
Method - Mold Made
Style - O-Crack Glaze
Height - 2.25in
Diameter - 3.5in
Capacity (full) - 120ml
Capacity (rec) - 55ml
Weight - 5oz

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Customer Reviews

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This cup is a unique little pleasure to sip from. The visual and tactile interest really pulled me into the session as I meditated on the slight irregularities in the ridges and how human hands had put them there. I'm so used to mass produced mugs and dishes with their perfect symmetry that it felt deeply personal to see the maker's hand.