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Put Down Roots | 85ml

Put Down Roots | 85ml

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    "You're eclectic or a clutz" they say.

    I'm used to it, and because of that you don't have to worry about me. 

    I'm the dad bod and proud of it.   


    Technical Nerdy Stuff

    Style - Wooden
    Height - 3.5in
    Diameter - 3.25in
    Capacity (full) - 150ml
    Capacity (rec) - 85ml
    Weight - 2.2oz
    Pour Time - 2sec

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    Customer Reviews

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    This is a must-have for any tea drinker. It would be a PERFECT practice Gaiwan for anyone, especially a kid. Downright impossible to burn yourself on the wood and it's so light that it would be great for someone with wrist or hand issues too. I think the one downside is that the lingering aromas are a bit lost on the lid, so stick with ceramic if you're trying to take detailed notes. You could throw this in a backpack for a hike and not worry about breaking it or adding a lot of weight. Pair it with a jetboil and a water filter and you're set for a thru-hike. Plus, that woodgrain is gorgeous!