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A Bone to Pick | 95ml

A Bone to Pick | 95ml

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You know that smooth friend that hangs in the corner and doesn't say much? 

Yeah, that's me.  

I'm soft, i'm tender, everyone loves me who knows me but not many do. 

Technical Nerdy Stuff

Ceramic - Porcelain
Region - Dehua
Style - Raw Porcelain
Dimensions - 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 in
Capacity (full) - 150ml
Capacity (rec) - 95ml
Weight - 5.4oz
Pour Time - 2.25sec

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Powell

A Bone to Pick | 95ml

Ware-wolf Gabe
Simple, Smooth, Beautiful

I can't emphasize enough just how wonderful this gaiwan is. The Dehua porcelain is so soft and smooth; it feels incredible. I love holding it in both hands after steeping the tea and smelling the fragrance off of the leaves. The warmth through the porcelain and the translucency when held up to the light is so peaceful and comforting. My tea drinking has been elevated in such a simple and impactful way. If you are looking for a simply adorned gaiwan to brew your tea in, BUY THIS. Don't think. Just click "add to cart." DO IT. You won't regret it, I sure haven't.

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Simple design, complex functionality

From my experience, the raw porcelain is a great material for any type of tea, whether it be heicha, liubao, or like puerh. Something that I’ve noticed tho is that it might not go well with some of the herbal teas. I recently tried a blend of pandan leaves and laochatou, which was a pretty cool combo, but lowkey left a noticeable stain alongside the rims of both the lid and body of the the gaiwan. It took a lot of time and force to remove, but it eventually came off. For the most part, most teas won’t have an effect on the porcelain, but it would be wise to test out new and different teas on something else. The gaiwan itself is proportionately aesthetic and the little blue flame just adds that cherry of uniqueness on top. I honestly didn’t expect the raw porcelain to be so smooth, kinda similar to satin. Also, the noise and vibrations created by brewing with the gaiwan aren’t necessarily jarring, but might be just a bit harsh (almost chalky) for some other peoples taste. I personally find it unique and pleasant tho. Also, the heat retention is also really good with this gaiwan and because of that, I really recommend being aware of how you brew, how hot and how much water you put in for sessions. The chances of being burned are low, but not impossible. Overall, a really comfortable and aesthetically pleasing gaiwan that was worth the price and am definitely keeping for the years to come.