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Affordable to Artisan

Constructing Teaware

Mold Made

The most accessible form of teaware for consumers.

Artists commission several tens of molds in the shape they desire. Then clay diluted with water can be poured to form the shape of the piece.

These wares are plucked out and glazed, painted or finished after they are removed from the mold.

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Half Hand

The best combination for quality and affordability in teaware.

Unlike the equipment used for Mold Made wares, the molds for half hand wares are only used to speed up shaping the body of the pot and the clay does not need to be diluted. Other parts (spout, handle, lid, feet) can still made fully by hand.

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The highest craftsmanship in teaware.

Among ceramicists it is well known that teapots are the hardest of all pottery to make. The balance of the pot, fluidity of the pour, shape of the lid, and impact of the clay all set teapots in their own world.

Apprentices, masters, and craft potters all chasing the same thing...functional art.

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