Collection: Qinzhou

What Does it Feel Like?

The teddy bear of the teapot world.  

While these pots feel as soft as a marshmallow glaze, they maintain razor edge precision in the fit and finish like no other unglazed stoneware pots.  

Chunky... spouts, handles, and lids.  

Worrying about parts of the teapot being too dainty is a thing, this will never happen with a pot from Qinzhou.   



Coming in a range of colors from milky chocolate to black walnut, these pots are burnished to create the range of colors. 

Chocolatey pots are heavily burnished leaving only whispers of dark brown.


Black walnut pots are barely burnished with just a kiss of chocolate around the rim of the spout, lid, and base.  



Suited with a minimal design, these can be etched with fine strokes and filled with yellow.

Alternatively, murals are carved around the body to create a topographical look along the surface.