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Hot Cocoa | 115ml

Hot Cocoa | 115ml

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  • Handmade
  • Qinzhou

The warmth of the thick cocoa in the middle of a snowy winter day. 

With the perfect balance of comfort and warmth. 

Just enough room for one, perfect.

Technical Nerdy Stuff

Ceramic - Stoneware
Region - Qinzhou
Clay - Nixing
Method - Handmade 
Height - 2.5in
Diameter - 2in
Capacity (full) - 125ml
Capacity (rec) -  115ml
Weight - 145g | 5oz 
Pour Time - 6.2s

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Customer Reviews

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Terri Todd
New favorite clay pot

Hot Cocoa is my new favorite tea pot because its size is perfect for 3 little gong fu cha cups and so easy to pour and clean. Lid and handle function perfectly with one hand pour. The burnished outside finish is soooo silky to touch with a subtle difference in color inside. Lots of tiny holes keep leaves inside the pot not in my cup! I love to brew my favorite aged white Shou Mei tea in my new favorite pot.