Collection: Chaozhou

What Does it Feel Like?

Firecracker? Only a little. 

Small as a pebble, varied as the moon. An introvert that only wants to brew with you. 

Ever nervous about not measuring your tea and being too strong or watery? Not with Chaozhou.  Due to their small round shapes these pots all seem to easily make it perfect every time.  Less, is in fact more.


What color is the clay? Red. What color is it raw? Red. How about fired? Red.  

This toasty cinnamon red clay is porous and punches flavor back into teas, especially Dancong Oolongs. 


Trimless pots thrown thinner than a nail and weigh so little you have to measure them in grams (you can do it, I know it's hard).   


Burnished Chaozhou pots are a bit of a mind bender.  If you didn't know better, you'd think they are glazed (they're not).




They don't do that here... or make clay cups for that matter.