Collection: Jingdezhen

What Does it Feel Like?

Elven craft of course.

Thin as string, hard as diamond.  If art of precision is what you're looking for there is no better place in the world. 

Out of balance? Heavy? Not from a Jingdezhen artist.  These wares will feel like a feather in the hand.  Just don't forget how thin they are or you may get burned (No, literally). 


White, white, and more white porcelain bodies are used as a canvas for never-ending strokes in a mural or the explosive texture of a wood kiln. 

Fine Porcelain is mesmerizing with its singular translucence and white..ness.


Wood Fired wares breathe life to the simple elegance of translucent porcelain.



Brushed Blue porcelain is skimmed with cobalt as every stroke pops along the white canvas. 

Ox Blood wares are generously coated with copper glaze and suffocated in the kiln to transform from jade green to blood red.