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Lava Forge | 85ml

Lava Forge | 85ml

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Looking like they were forged in the heart of Mordor... and much the same... the formula for these is a secret. 

Each of these pieces are handmade and wood fired so there will be natural variations with the pattern and movement from the fire in the kiln.  

²Seconds are pieces that the artist deems not to their standard and are sold at a discounted rate.  

In this case, since it is a smooth body porcelain some of these gaiwans have small bumps on the inside base of the bowl where ash from the wood-fired kiln fell and fused into the gaiwan.  While this natural phenomenon makes each piece absolutely unique, Yue Chao deems this as a second.

Technical Nerdy Stuff

Artist - Yue Chao
Dimensions - 3.5 x 3.5 x 3 | 9 x 9 x 7.5cm
Capacity - 85ml (recommended) | 130ml (full)

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Customer Reviews

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Somatra Seng
Really solid gaiwan

Love the look of this gaiwan. Surprisingly the lid feels heavier than I was expecting and it seats in with a satisfying thud-like manner. I really like that. Usually cheaper gaiwans, everything is light and dainty. This gaiwan is a set up from that