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An Acquired Taste | 40ml

An Acquired Taste | 40ml

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  • Mold Made
  • Brushed Blue

You can really see what the artist had in mind...

Oh, you think it just looks like scribbles?

Is there anyone out there who really gets me?

  • An Acquired Taste blue painted specialty bowls (青花主人杯/qīnghuā zhǔrénbēi) are the perfect lightweight bowl for those who like mixing modern characteresque design and ancient technique/coloring. 
  • Original Qinghua (青花, artistic style of blue underglaze) porcelain was painted on porcelain in Jingdezhen during the Tang Dynasty.  However, while an incredible feat to paint these very fine pieces of porcelain, the qinghua style would seem bland to many who viewed the pieces today.

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