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Sandstorm | 150ml

Sandstorm | 150ml

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It's been a wild ride, the buildup to the drop.

The maker never knows how groovy I'll be until I come out of the fire and get sanded down in the storm.

Big Knob Lid, Twisted Clay Zhulun Zhu by Huang Jia Shang

Technical Nerdy Stuff

Artist - Master Huang
Dimensions - 4.25 x 2.5 x 3.5in | 11 x 6.5 x 9cm
Capacity - 150ml (recommended) | 160ml (full)
Pour Time - 11.5 sec

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leah Mangano
Serendipitous Sand Shrines

Was hard finding a tea pot that my partner and I both agreed on, but we finally decided upon this one. The larger size makes it excellent for 2+ people, which is perfect as we like sharing tea with friends! It's elevated our morning and afternoon tea together. It did shock us how much the unglazed clay tea pot affected the flavor of our shengs that we've previously only drank in porcelain gaiwans. It rounds out the astringency that some of our young Lincang pu'er samples have had in a way that transformed the tea into a more nuanced and balanced tea. Excited to explore this more.
The actual pot is... adorable? The size is about the same as my much smaller gaiwan, yet this thing somehow gets 150mL of water in there. Pour was beautiful. Minimal to no drips and the center of balance is PERFECT. You can fill it and just hold it with your index finger and thumb and let it drop and it just pours itself. Lid doesn't go flying off either.
All of that and I haven't even discussed how stunning the piece is. The swirls, the burnish, the weight. I'm beyond thrilled to have such a functional piece of art in my possession. Was packed perfectly and think the price for something of this quality is unmatched! Will be purchasing more from Tao in the future for sure

Zach Higgins
Swirly Beauty

This beautiful pot was my first gongfu tea pot purchase, and I am very happy with it! It’s absolutely stunning, I still will just turn it over in my hands admiring the different colors swirling all around – the colors and swirls remind me of the breathtaking erosion patterns in sandstone in places like the Badlands. It has a great pour that was easy to learn for my first pot. The lid fits perfectly and has a nice lid button that helps me feel like I won’t easily loose the lid as I pour. I don’t have any other pot to compare shapes with, but I this shape a lot and the handle is nice and beefy, it doesn’t feel fragile or dainty.

My only minor complaints are that my pot seems to be slightly smaller than the specs indicated, I’m getting about 150 ml completely full – and that’s not really a problem with the handmade nature I would expect some variation. I am also disappointed that the seal on the bottom of the pot is not more well defined, the top left corner is not very clean. Finally, the spout has some very dark colors in the swirls, this color is not present anywhere else on the pot, so it looks dirty or smudged. These cosmetic issues do not take away from the functionality pot, it is beautiful and I love it and I am very happy to have it in my collection.

I love the swirls so much that I got two matching tea bowls, and boy do they look good together either on my tea table or on my display shelf. I would 100% recommend this pot and Tao Teaware. I cannot wait to expand my collection with another pot!