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Green with Envy | 80ml

Green with Envy | 80ml

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Greed, envy, these are both far below the dragon and the phoenix.

We can't help it if our beauty inspires such feelings.

That's their problem.

Technical Nerdy Stuff

Dimensions - 3 x 3 x 2.25in | 7.5 x 7.5 x 6cm
Capacity - 80ml (suggested) | 110ml (full)

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Customer Reviews

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For the fiancé.

My fiancé has recently started drinking tea with me. She loves anything green, amd this jade finish checked that box. Very durable and well made. Almost want kne for myself now.

Ikaika Lum
Absolutely Love!

First of all, I couldn't help but take in the beauty of this bowl as I unwrapped it from its cosy enclosure. The art on this bowl is something to behold while you enjoy your tea. Its outer smooth textured surface also allows your fingers to enjoy the art that adorns this bowl. The walls are thick preventing my fingers from being burned and the same can be said for the lips with every sip, just comforting and enjoyable with every session. This is truly my favorite bowl.

Devin Glaefke
Beautiful and Practical piece.

Not only is the tea bowl gorgeous, it’s thick walls provide it a fantastic sturdiness and the texture of the design feels great in the hand

Colby Androus
Quickly became my go-to!

Love this one. Very heavy duty. Thick walls, which get more thick near the lip, so it's never hot to the touch. This also means the cavity inside is deceptively large. It can always hold more than I think.

Great for a solo session if you're skipping the gong dao bei!

Mine is a bit darker and less contrast-y than is pictured, but it still looks great. Definitely my favorite looking cup/bowl.

Terri E Todd
Highly recommended!

Great small cup size for gong fu Cha!